DOKA - с

It's time to expect more from your fire alarm!


This document contains information of the operating principle, design and technical characteristics of interactive photoelectric smoke detector IP 212-02K “DOKA – c” (hereinafter referred as smoke detector).

The document contains instructions necessary for correct installation, connection, operation, technical maintenance activities, storage and product transportation. It also contains the information that certify the manufacturer’s warranty.

The smoke detector complies with all the requirements of the European Standard EN 54-7. The operation principle and design solutions of smoke detector “DOKA – c” are the intellectual property of SIA “ASAP Group”.

“DOKA - c” provides:

9 reasons to include "DOKA-c" in your building project


Keeps sensitivity to smoke, adapting to any operating conditions (temperature, humidity, dust, interference).


The measuring chamber is hidden under the body and protected by a thin mesh. The dust settles in special compartments, without reaching the camera. It allows to use “DOKA-c” even in industrial conditions.


Has reliable contacts for connecting wires with a cross section of up to 1.5 mm2.


Will definitely adorn any modern interior.


Average service life> 10 years.


The body is made with vertical and horizontal smoke outlets, which allows you to catch currents in any direction and quickly respond to the first signs of fire.


Consumption current “DOKA-с” is less than 65 μA, which reduces the load on the output circuits of the control panel and reduces the estimated capacity of the battery for power backup.


Meets all requirements.

DoP №405-CPR-1426/2020


There is no need to include resistors in the specification. The current value in the “Fire” state is set by a combination of two jumper straps on the case.